We just love what we do here in Komcept

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Who we are

Komcept is a team of like-minded people who aim to create perfectly crafted products and ensure them with tailored services. We value honest approach to business and we praise fair-play attitude from all parties. We are people working together and understanding each other clearly and quickly!


We listen

We listen to either our clients and each other. Together we find the best decisions to perform cutting-edge producs for you.


We think

We think on every project and its details to eliminate bugs in future. We know how to find the right solution for problems of different complexibility.


We create

We are proud that we can offer high-quality products which we created after searching for the best ideas and implementing them the right way.

We have worked with

We proudly present our clients we have collaborated with.

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We got the skills

We love our job and we constantly devilop our skills to deliver better services to our clients. We welcome you to study how good we are to be sure about our professionalism.


Putting together brand strategies, market researches, design and technical capabilities, we help our clients plan their roadmap of products and tools to match their business vision, targeted audience and budget without compromising the quality.


Through sketching, wireframing, prototyping and open collaboration with our clients, we design experiences that just match the business needs and its impact on the final users by keeping a constant evaluation, refinement and iteration.


Whether we’re building a product backend solution, touch screen installations or simply an elegant front end development for a website, our dev team delivers robust, efficient and well architected solutions to meet the overall user experience.

Developers, Designers and Dreamers: That’s Who We Are!

Meet closer our creative team!


Yassine T.

Chief Designer


Hafssa A.

Frontend Developer


Mohamed T.

Backend Developer

Amy Varhuaer

Safae B.

Graphic Designer


Amy V.

Copywriter / Coder


Hassan A.

Creative Director


Jihane A.

Backend Developer

Hatim D.

Hatim D.

UI/UX Designer

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