We are a Digital & Branding Agency

Founded in 2016, Komcept is a group of talented designers, developers and strategists located in Morocco and London

Komcept is a digital and branding agency in Morocco and London
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Our Work

Selected Case Studies!

Because they showcase a glimpse of our working style and how we’ve helped our clients achieve their goals. See our hard work in action and get a better grasp of how we can help your brand move to the next level.

Creating an online presence for the Moroccan Chamber of Film Producers CMPF

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Creating a Personal Brand for Laila Familiar

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Preserving The Musical Heritage of The Southern Drâa Valley

View Case Study

An Open-source Tool to Explore Arab Culture

View Case Study

Creating an online presence for the town of Siroua

View Case Study

Designing an online presence for Ozz Films

View Case Study

Creating an online portal for Artisans in the Draa Region

View Case Study

Designing a brand for Cinema Project

View Case Study

Designing a brand for MerCi Coaching

View Case Study

Developing a brand for Solomon Film Studios

View Case Study

Promoting the Moroccan Kitchen

View Case Study

Designing a brand for Twichiyat

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Responsive Layout

Smartphone and tablet usage has skyrocketed in recent years, and is overtaking desktop traffic for many websites. In 2019 mobile devices will continue to dominate. When designing a website we must think about the user experience for smaller screens and develop a design that works across all devices and platforms.

As of January 2018 all sites we build are now responsive.

Overall Design Process

During the design process we believe its important to convey a professional and consistent brand identity through all design concepts we create.

We have developed a proven process which enables us to get under the skin of your business to uncover your unique selling points to ensure they are presented in a way that will attract your target audience.

We work with your business helping you look at every aspect of how your business is perceived and then use our creative skills to deliver a fantastic design that promotes your key messages across as many platforms as required to reach your goals.

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We collaborate across various disciplines by putting users at the heart of everything we do, striving to deliver consistent, powerful and unified brand experiences that delight customers and drive results.


Putting together brand strategies, market researches, design and technical capabilities, we help our clients plan their roadmap of products and tools to match their business vision, targeted audience and budget without compromising the quality.


Through sketching, wireframing, prototyping and open collaboration with our clients, we design experiences that just match the business needs and its impact on the final users by keeping a constant evaluation, refinement and iteration.


Whether we’re building a product backend solution, touch screen installations or simply an elegant front end development for a website, our dev team delivers robust, efficient and well architected solutions to meet the overall user experience.

Are you ready to take your brand to the next level?